Del Rosa Christian Preschool Rate Sheet

Annual Registration/Activity Fee                                                               $100
Second Child                                                                                              $75
Pre-K Book Fee                                                                                          $50


Weekly Tuition Rates

Tuition Rates include A.M/P.M snacks & lunch
Two’s Potty Training class and Any Child in Pull-Ups
Full Day                              Half Day
5 days $145                                       5 day $130
4 days $135                                        4 days $115
3 days $95                                          3 days $80

Two’s & Threes & Pre-K Tuition Rates
Pre-K New Enrollments Must Have A 3 Day Minimum
Full Day                               Half Day
5 days $135                                          5 days $125
4 days $120                                         4 days $110
3 days $85                                           3 days $75

Annual Scrip Goals are $440 per family per year or $44 in percentages
See Scrip form
Tuition Policy:
The following days are non refundable:
Days listed on the calendar that Del Rosa Christian Preschool is closed
Days when your child is sick
Days when your family goes on vacation
A $1.00 per minute late fee will be added to your account if your child is picked up later than 6:00 PM
A $30.00 fee will be charged for each returned check
A $10.00 fee will be charged for late tuition payment

****Tuition rates subject to change in September 2018****

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